Friday, October 2, 2015

Dear Cis Friends

Dear cis friends,
Relating to my experience based on being a gender non-conforming cis person, or disagreeing with gender roles, is really only a vague frame of reference. It most definitely is not the same thing, so please be careful with saying that you "completely relate" or "totally understand," because unless you are actually trans, you don't. Not completely, not totally. I am not a woman who is gender non-conforming, I am a non-binary trans person. I do not choose to be non-binary because it's a way of fighting the binary, it is just WHO I AM. Saying that you "totally get it" and then talking about being a cis person who doesn't conform to gender roles is another way in which my gender is invalidated.
[image description: drawing of a person with their hands raised and eyes closed,
a solemn look on their face. A banner below says "DO NOT ERASE NON BINARY
PEOPLE."] image from dakshinadeer on
That being said, I'm happy to talk with you about how ridiculous gender roles are, and how the gender binary system is a big load of crap!
[image description: Pink block text that reads: "FUCK GENDER ROLES" and a heart.]

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